Snow Vikings Studio


ArmA 3 Realism Unit

Who are we? We are a small unit but take the gaming seriusly. We don't care were you are from as the unit is open to everyone world wide. We only require you to speak it at a level that we understand. We have werry few requirements for you to join. But htis is our step by step list on how to join the unit.



Step 1: Application


Applying happens at our forums. to go there press the apply button at the bottom of this page.


To apply you must also be sure that you are able to follow our few requirements.


- You must have a valid copy of ArmA 3 and it must be installed.

- You must speak and understand English.

- You must be 16 or older.

- You must be able to receive and execute orders.

- You must be able to handle jokes, Insults and politicaly uncorrect comments.

- You must be willing to install modifications to ArmA 3

- You must have TeamSpeak and a working microphone


If you can fill these requirements without any trouble, we will become good friends at the battlefield.


Everyone is also required to go through a quick meeting at our TeamSpeak with one of our leaders. After the application. Don’t worry we don’t bite.

If you can't reach the age requirement. Contact us at our e-mail or at our TeamSpeak. To speak to a unit leader or an officer about joining. You might get accepted to join as low as the age of 14 but a lot of priveliges can be removed. Any lower age than that won't be allowed to the unit. Due to our policy and the laws of the internet.




Step 2: Enlistment


Now what?

You have applied and you have been accepted by a unit leader.

Now Enlistment comes up. Throughout your stay in our unit you can become anything you want related to roles and ranks. As long as you can prove that you are worth the role.

Each role require you to go through training. It just comes down to how much training you need before you are granted the role.


All the available roles is provided at another Google Document. Ask for it and you shall receive.


When you start up you will go through bootcamp with an Officer or a unit leader. With 3-9 other members. You HAVE to go through this to continue in the unit. You will have to go through the following. And have a passing grade. This will be the following courses, requirements and Perks for completing them.


First of we will start with the firing range.



Hits needed

Misses allowed






Platinum shooting range medal.

None at this moment.




Sharpshooter Medal

None at this moment.




Marksman medal

None at this moment.





None at this moment.





Allowed to join the unit, but you will be but on a “Require more training” list.



You can practise as much as you want to but making it to the official list requires an officer or an unit lead to stand beside you or arrange a range day. You will have 2 mags with 30 rounds in each. At your disposal at the firing range. The shooting happens in Iron sight only, and has a duration of 60 seconds.


Firing Range Records






LT. Walker







After you are done at the firing range you will going on towards the agility track. We only request you to complete it. But records can be taken at it if that is your wish.







Other training you will have to go trough to be allowed your first operation is the following.




1. Grenade training.


2. Helicopter insertion Training.


3. Formation Training.


You will have to go through more training but not right away. After completing these 5 steps of training you are ready to take on our operations.



At this point the one taking care of all training and assignments are Cpt. Walker

As everyone else is too busy during the 3Q and 4Q of the year.


Other training & courses that you are required to go through before you can be promoted from Private are the following.


Physical training:


1. Clearing buildings 101.


2. Movement in the field.


3. Navigation in the field.





1. Map reading


2. Medical(Course & Training)


*More will be added later or on the go.




Now after you have received your role on the battlefield. You are ready to take on operations and climb the ranks. Which brings us to the next point.





Step 3: Ranking


Everyone that joins the unit will start of as recruit until they have played their first operation.

After that you will join up as private, and climb the ranks from then on. Our ranks are the following.




Recruit - REC


Private - PVT


Private 2 - PV2


Private First Class - PFC


Specialist- SPC


Corporal - CPL


Sergeant - SGT


Staff Sergeant - SSG


Master Sergeant - MSG


First Sergeant - 1SG


Sergeant Major - SGM


Second Lieutenant - 2LT


First Lieutenant- 1LT


Captain - CPT


Major - MAJ


Lieutenant Colonel - LTC


Colonel - COL


Brigadier General - BG


Major General -MG


Lieutenant General - LTG


General -GEN


Now That we have all that squared away, it’s just to play and have fun.


Just a few other things.


All actions about promotions and role changes must be approved by a Unit leader.

If you are doing really good, you might end up getting an offer to join up in the special force.

This is the greatest privilege we can give you.








And at last, don't forget to join or unit at the official arma 3 unit's page. Press the button bellow to get redirected there.