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Welcome to the Task Force Viking's TAS Page.

The Task Force Viking's Tactical Assault Squad, also known as TAS. This is TFV's main special force. They are usually tasked with anti-terrorism, as well as hostage situations.


On this page, you will be able to see all the weapons, gear and vehicles the TAS uses. As well as the requirements to become a TAS operator.


Beeing a member of the TAS might require you to spend a longer time in an operation, than a normal soldier would. Because needing to deploy in combat earlier and start tactics to help out the other soldiers or plan out the situation.

To Join the Tactical Assault Squad, you will have to meet a few requirements to become an special operator.


To join you will have to have completed to following requirements.


- Minimum 2 months of active gameplay in the unit.

- Participate in a minimum of 6 main operations.

- Get the platinum medal at the shooting range.

- Have good recomendations from an officer.

- Performed well in the field.


These are the main requirements for TAS, there are a few smaller ones but you will have more then enough time to figure them out.



Being a part of any special force in TFV requires you to be an active member. If you stop beeing active you will be demoted from being an Special operator and you will be going back to the infantry. You will then have to go through a test to get back in again.



The standard issue rifle for the entiern Task Force is the HK-416. But offcoruce diferent roles uses different weapons. The following weapons is the weapon arsenal for the Special Force.

-Assault Rifles-


AK-12 7.62 mm (Arma's weapon, Only during special scenarios)

Equiped with - RCO, EOTECH AN/PEQ- 15 Black, Suppressor, Bipod.


HK416CQB CUSTOM (SMA Weapon, Standard Rifle.)

Equiped with - EOTech 552 + 3x Magnifier, Laser Light Combo (Top Mount), GEMTECH HALO.


-Marksman Rifles-


SIG 556 / Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm (Arma's weapon, Marksman standard rifle.)

Equiped with - AMS, EOTECH AN/PEQ- 15, Suppressor, Bipod.




G17 (CUP Weapon, Overall standard pistol)





The SOG has two base uniforms, one for forest / green locations. And one for desert locations. Though being a special operatior require you to blend in. So sometime they operate in civilian clothing. The following are the base uniforms, with vest's, headgear and backpacks. With their full content.

=Special Force Operators Ladout=






[VSM] Crye G3 (AOR1 Variants)


[VSM] Crye G3 (OCP + Tan Shirt / Pants )


[VSM] Cyre G3 (OGA + Grey Pants)



[VSM] Crye G3 (M81 Variants)


[VSM] Crye G3 (OGA OD / + Grey Pants)

(Rolled Sleeves Variants dose also apply.)




[VSM] AOR1 ( Any Variant ) - Desert


[VSM] M81 ( Any Variant ) - Forest



10x 5.56mm 30rnd Mag / 8x 7.62mm 20rnd Mag

2x G17 Mag

1x M18 Blue Smoke

2x M67 Frag Grenade

2x M83 White Smoke

1x Defusal Kit

1x Earplugs

1x Map Tools

1x MicroDAGR GPS




[VSM] Beanie (Black / OD / Tan ) "Any Beanie goes with any camo"


[VSM Boonie (AOR1 / M81) Desert / Forest


[VSM] Bowman Elite II ( Any variant. Olive = Forest, Tan = Desert, Black = any)


[VSM] Opscore / Opscore 2 (AOR1,OGA / Black / M81,OGA OD) Desert / Any / Forest





[VSM] All of them!






Assault Pack (Green) - Desert


[VSM] AOR1 ( All Variants )



Assault Pack (Black) - Forest


[VSM] M81 ( All Variants )



2x Chemlight( Green)

2x Chemlight (Red)

1x 82mm Range Table

4x Bandage (Basic)

2x Bandage (Elastic)

2x Basic Field Dressing (QuikClot)

1x Bodybag

3x Cable Tie

1x Entrenching tool

1x IR Strobe

1x Maglite XL50

1x Mine Detector

2x Morphine autoinjector

2x Packing Bandage

1x Range Card

1x Tourniquet(CAT)

1x Wirecutter


-Other Equipment-

1x Rangefinder

1x Map

1x AN/PRC-152

1x Altimeter Watch / 1x Watch


=Special Force Vehicle Pool=


- Ground Vehicles -




Prowler (Armed and Unarmed)


Quad Bike



- Water Vehicles -


Assault Boat





Now the TAS also uses the normal infantry vehicles. And is inserted with any air vehicle that is provided in the mission.