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Welcome to the Task Force Viking's Special Operation Air Wing page

SOAW, also known as the Special Operation Air Wing. They are the best pilots in Task Force Viking.

They are usually the ones flying around in our Vipers.


The SOAW pilots are highly trained to be able to handly any situation.

The SOAW was created to ensure safety upon our special forces. They are there in case the operation goes south.


On this page, you will be able to see all the aircrafts and gear the SOAW uses. As well as the requirements to becoming an SOAW pilot.

Becoming an SOAW pilot will have you go through a few requirements. It is the easiest of all our Special Forces, but that dosn't make it an easy task to join.


The requirements are the following.


- Minimum 2 months of active gameplay in the unit.

- Participate in a minimum of 6 main operations.

- Be a part of the Air Force for a minimum of 2 month.

- Be over the rank of Corporal.

- Have good recomendations from an officer.

- Performed well as a pilot.


These are the main requirements for SOAW, there are a few smaller ones but you will have more then enough time to figure them out.