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TFV Special Forces

ArmA 3 Realism Unit

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Tactical Assault Squad, or TAS for short. is the most basic special force in Task Force Viking.

During operations they usually work side my side with the infantry in urban envoirements.

To always assist in building clearing and hostage situations. They also perform standalone operations.

In the same fassion where larger forces might give away their location.

Sniper Recon Force, or SRF for short. Is a long range reconing force.

And have as a main task to go out before all other forces and perform a recon mission so they can provide better information on what to expect on the battlefield. At special encounters do perform long range eliminations.

Shadow Warrior Company, or SWC. Isn't directly a special force. But more a special infantry. So they perform taskings somewhere inbetween normal infantry and the special forces.They also come in with the normal infantry to give an extra vantage on the battlefield.

Advanced Rescue Squads, or ARS for short. Is a type of rescue squads that does everything they can do get wounded soldiers out of the battlefield. They are a joint force with SOAW.

Special Operations Air Wing, or SOAW for short. Is the air force's special force.

They have as main tasks to transport units and gear belonging to the special forces.

And fly forces in and out of hot lz's.

Special Operations Group, or SOG for short. Is the top tier special force in Task Force Viking.

They perform all the tasks the other special forces do and more. ( This does not include SOAW duh! )

This force contains only the best handpicked soldiers the unit has to offer.