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Welcome to the Task Force Viking's SOG Page.

Fireteam "Nova"

The Task Force Viking's Special Operations Group, also known as SOG. Is the highest tier force the TFV has to offer. They are often tasked with sabotage and anti-terrorism, as well as hostage situations. But all their missions and objectives are classfied during main operations. Though their operations will as any other force have an After Action Report.


On this page you can see the requirements on becoming an operator and some simple information on the force.


Beeing a member of the SOG might require you to spend a longer time in an operation, than a normal soldier would. Because needing to deploy in combat earlier and start recon, prepare sabotages or tactics to help out the other soldiers.

Joining any of our special forces has a few requirements. But joining the SOG will prove to have the highest and most challenging requirements.


To join you will have to have completed to following requirements.


- Minimum 3 months of active gameplay in the unit.

- Participate in a minimum of 6 main operations.

- Be a part of the TAF for a minimum of 1 month.

- Participate in a minimum of 5 special force operations. (Making it a total minimum of 11 operations)

- Be over the rank of Corporal

- Have good recomendations from an officer.

- Performed well in the field.


These are the main requirements for SOG, there are a few smaller ones but you will have more then enough time to figure them out.



The SOG operators is in teams of four. In the SOG the team members don't have an assigned slot, as they have to adapt to the situation.



The SOG as a few other special forces, perform a big variation in types of operations. Therefore they have to carry diferent weapons that suit their operation. As not having the unit command up their ass 24/7, they got a bit more freedom on their choice of weapons.


Now the most used weapons it


Ak-12 ( Vanilla weapon )


HK-416 ( SMA Weapon )


HK-417 ( SMA Weapon )


Mk-1 EMR ( Vanilla Weapon )


Now the soldiers use much more but these has prooven to be the most used ones.


Being a part of SOG as any other special force, it will require you to blend in to the terrain / enviorment. This can result in a lot of change in choises of uniforms. Even having to wear civilian clothing.


But usually as of a main uniform they use a multicamo. In the operators own free wish of combination.


The equipment just as the weapon comes down to the operation it self, and what is needed from them.

But carried is enough ammunition for a small to medium gunfight. Enough medical gear to patch a and a half soldier.

And gear to handle small explosives, fences and hostages tied up.