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TFV Infantry

ArmA 3 Relism Unit

Welcome to the Task Force Viking's Infantry Page.

The Task Force Viking's Infantry, is often tasked with world wide operations. Small or big ones. They will always be accepted. The Infntry's arsenal provides a lot of tools tocomplete their missions with.


On this page, you will be able to see all the weapons, gear, vehicles and what it requires to fill any role in the Task Force Viking's Infantry.


The standard issue rifle for the entiern Task Force is the HK-416. But of cource diferent roles uses different weapons. The following weapons is for all the infantry roles in TFV

- Assault Rifles -


HK416 (VFG) (SMA Weapon, Standard for Riflemen, Grenaders, Medics and Team Leaders.)

Equiped with - EOTech 552 + 3x Magnifier, Magpul Rail Guard HK/ SURFIRE FLASHLIGHT.


- Marksman Rifles -


SIG 556 / Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm (Arma's weapon, Marksman standard rifle.)

Equiped with - AMS, Bipod.


- Light Machine Guns -


Minimi (SMA Weapon, Standard for Autoriflemen.)

Equiped with - RCO.


- Sniper Rifles -


L115A3 LRR (Cup Weapon, Standard for Snipers)

Equiped with - LRPS, Bipod


- Sub Machine guns -


MP5K (ArmA 3 Weapon, Standard for Vehicle crews)

Equiped with - AC11704 (Black).




G17 (CUP Weapon, Overall standard pistol)



=Special Force Operators Ladout=





[VSM] Crye G3 (AOR1) - Desert



[VSM] Crye G3 (M8) - Forest

(Rolled Sleeves Variants dose also apply.)




[VSM] AOR1 ( The Variant for your role ) - Desert


[VSM] M81 ( The Variant for your role ) - Forest



10x 5.56mm 30rnd Mag / 8x 7.62mm 20rnd Mag

2x G17 Mag

2x M67 Frag Grenade

2x M83 White Smoke

1x Earplugs

1x Map Tools

1x MicroDAGR GPS




[VSM] Opscore / Opscore 2 (AOR1,OGA / M81,OGA OD) Desert / Forest





[VSM] All of them!


Combat Goggles






Assault Pack (Green) - Desert


[VSM] AOR1 ( All Variants )



Assault Pack (Black) - Forest


[VSM] M81 ( All Variants )



2x Bandage (Basic)

2x Bandage (Elastic)

2x Basic Field Dressing (QuikClot)

1x Entrenching tool

1x IR Strobe

1x Maglite XL50

1x Morphine autoinjector

2x Packing Bandage

1x Tourniquet(CAT)


-Other Equipment-

1x Rangefinder

1x Map

1x AN/PRC-152

1x Watch