Snow Vikings Studio


ArmA 3 Realism Unit

Who are we?


We are a tiny, but growing, unit, that are basicly focused around Infantry gameplay, but will grow to other aspects as the unit becomes bigger. The staff is based in Scandinavia, but the unit is English speaking, and allowing everyone above 16 to join.


As an ArmA 3 Realism unit we are really focused on keeping it realistic, at least as much as ArmA 3 allows it to. We use mods to help boost that up another level as well. We have fun and joke around normaly but take our missions and mil-sim seriusly. If this sounds like something for you then join us today by hitting the button below.


- Open for anyone world wide to join.


- Military ranking system


- Custom operations.


- Tacical gameplay.


- Proper training.


- IRL Rewards


- Different roles


Task Force Viking is a small but growing realism unit. Our unit is parted in to three sections.


- Air force


- Infantry


- Special Forces



Air Squadron: They are pilots and crews of aircrafts, responsible of inserting and extracting troops by air, in any conditions. Droping supplies to keep our soldiers alive. And performing air support by fighter jets and attack helicopters.


Our pilots are trained with flying all our operative aircrafts. Even if they will be an helicopter or plane focused pilot.


Our air squadron uses the following aircrafts.





Little birds


Super Stallions


Black Hawks


AH-1Z Viper







F 18



The Air Squadron has the smalles training, but it's not to take lightly. The training is hard and takes time to master.



Infantry: This is our main section of the unit. They are our backbone of all our operations. In the infantry we operate with set classes / roles.


Classes / Roles such as.


- Autorifleman


- Combat Medic


- Grenadier


- Rifleman / Rifleman (AT)


- Radio Operator


*More will come as the unit grow.


The training will be in several parts and focused on the class / role you chose. You will go though selection

( Press the "JOIN US!" button above to see selection and requirements. ) then continue with B.C.T and then continue over to A.C.T.


Keep in mind that you will be able to do custom operations after you have done selection.



Special Force: Our Special Force and operators are hand picked soldiers that has prooven well during operations and generaly in the unit


Their trainingis harder and longer than any other part of the unit.


During operations our special force is tasked with the harder part of the operation,

like Hostage rescue, sabtage, escorting and more.


No one knows what the special force is going to do during the operation. Not where, not why.

But they are out there making the operation easier for you.




Keep in mind that the class / role you get can be changed at any moment, but NOT suring an operation.

As this will be build around the classes we have for that set OP


Our operations are customly made by F. Walker and is usually following some sort of a storyline.


During our operations there won't be any in game tasks. Everything ill happen over the radio, Just as in real life.

Our brefing happends in game. The operation planing and setup happends 30 minutes before the server goes up. Our operations is taking place at 21:00 (CET). Keep in mind that, that time can be changed if the majority of the group can't make it to the given time.


Due to the 30 minute window before the operations is for our "IT" to help you out with setting up mods and everything for the OP.



Don't forget to bookmark out TeamSpeak, as that is what we use during operations.

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