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Hall of Fame

Here is our top hall of fame moments from official operations.


1. "Leave no man behind", Fredrick "Devil" Walker.


During the SOG operations "Sugar Rush".( Done by operators LT. Walker and Cpl. Nielsen of Fireteam "Nova" ) The operation was completed, but did also go South due to the huge amount of reinforcements coming down the close hill side. The battle lasted for 2 hours before NATO was able to send air support to the two operators.


When the super stallion landed to extract them they only had enough fuel to stay for 60 seconds.

LT. Walker was the first to the super stallion, Cpl. Nielsen was 100 meeters behind. There was smoke all over trying to cover up the vision of the enemies, but three enemies ran through hitting Nielsen 7 times, ( 3 in the left leg, 2 in the left arm, 1 in the right arm and 1 in the back. )

They were killed and the chopper was leving in 17 seconds. Being told to stand down, Walker refused and jumped out of the chopper to run over and pick Nielsen up. He ran and killed 4 more in the proses. And jumped in the chopper again only 2 seconds before it took of.


This resulting in.

Nicki R. "Boomer" Nielsen, earning the "Purple Heart" Medal

Fredrick "Devil" Walker, earning "Award for Heorism" Medal



Purple Heart Ribbon
Award of Heroism Ribbon