Snow Vikings Studio


Welcome to the "Gamemodes" page. Here we will post all kind of gamemodes to a lot of different games that we are playing and coding for. The gamemodes can be everything from pre-alpha state to full release. But they should always be somehow playable.


The gamemodes can be like.


- Capture the flag.

- Team Deathmatch

- Paintball


And many many more. The games will be listed in alphabetic order. And will have all the info you need to know about them with them. If the gamemode is ready to be played. a "Download" button will be in the same "box" as the gamemode is writen in. We will keep all the active gamemodes updated, and post all new info about them on our forums.


All our gamemodes are builded from the ground up. This dosn't mean that we didn't use others work as inspiration. *But all codes and in-game builds are built by us.

ArmA 3

Name: Wildcards

Style: PvE / PvPvE. Multiplayer 30+ players

Multiplayer: 2-30 + players

Status: Early Development (No release yet)

Developer(s): Fredrick Walker


Base info: WIldcards, is a PMC themed gamemode, if you have played a lot of other PvE gamemodes you might recognise some of the features from domination. In Wildcards you will be able to create your own PMC and recruit other players, as well as AI's to do the missions for you. The more players you have recruited, that is online. The more bonus experience you and your PMC gets.


You will be able to level up, the more you level up the more contacts you can get and the more missions you will be able to get. As well as you will be able to buy and aquire perks in the prosess.


You will be able to travel to the main marked and buy vehicles, weapons and other equipment. You can also buy storage slots for everything you own.


You will always have to choose a contract. These will be your missions.

The contract will be listed in difficulty levels. from verry easy, to verry hard.

Then there will be a "Time to complete". This can take you longer or shorer time to complete. The time is based on how long time it wold have taken a fire team from our realism unit to complete the task without any casualties.


Then you will be given a short description on the mission. as well as what the reward would be to complete it.

Name: Non-given ( Tank name )

Style: PvP Tanks

Multiplayer: 2-24 players

Status: Early Development (No release yet)

Developer(s): Fredrick Walker


Base info: This gamemode you will fight with armored vehicles, you can get perks and upgrade your tanks, as well as you can customize your tanks with camuflage and other usefull equipment. You won't be able to leave your tank. But you will get bonus experience for each extra crew member that is in the tank with you.



You will be able to battle in up to 12 v 12 players, or 12 in free for all. This will also feature gamemodes like

- Capture the flag.

- Conquest

- Attack and Defence

- Team Deathmatch


And more.


Stay tuned for more info.