Snow Vikings Studio



PMC: Warfare is a first-person shooter made within an modified version of the Unreal Engine 4. It's made from scratch here at Snow Vikings Studio. The game is focused on the theme of Private Military Companies. The game will be focusing on realism, but also keeping it as a fun game. The game will be challenging and a bit less forgiving than other shooters on the market.


The game will have a singleplayer story, following Chris Sanzhes. A US Delta Force operator through his military carrer and his path to becoming a private contractor.

To get to see the hard choises, and the darkness of war. Seing how the band of brothers work.


The multiplayer is ofcource the main focus of the game. In it you will be able to build a character, join or create your own Private Military Company.


Playing operations and developing your character and the PMC you are part of. Eventually becoming the best Private Company out there.