Welcome to Snow Vikings Studio


We are a super tiny sudio located in Norway. But also have a few "Vikings" in Denmark and America. We do most of our work as a hobby and don't earn anything else then pride in our work. We are making games from tiny phone games to huge PC / Console games.


On whatever we make we don't rush it and usually take our good time making it. It might come out during earth's lifetime but we can't promise anything.


If you have any interest in joining us as a developer, contact us and we will have a friendly chat. Or if you wanna be a member await furter notice and we will make a log in system at our page.

The Vikings

Fredrick Walker

Roles: Founder, Game designer, ArmA 3 Unit Leader.

Nationality: Norwegian.

E-Mail: walker@snowvikings.com

Info: I am a 24 year old guy from Norway. Who likes to make alot of different things. I never expect my crerations to become popular or known i make them only because i like what i am doing.


I as many others love video games, i never play competetive. I play because of the fun of it and to kill time. I love shooters, Racing games, simulators and many more.


I am an chatty fella and can sit and talk for several hours about nothing. So if you ever feel like you need a chat, jump on our TeamSpeak and see if you can't get a hang on me. I am a busy guy as well so don't take it wrong if i don't have time.


I decided back in July 2016 that i got too many project going on in my head, and decided to set up a little studio, were i can share my creations with the ones interested in seeing them.


I came up with the name "Snow Vikings" with thinking of my favorite season and considering i am Norwegian and a few of the people giving me a helping hand is from Scandinavia. The vikings part came to life.


I started up an instagram user known as snow_vikings_fitness to share my porgress to become fit again, as staying behind a desc don't do to much for the health. Go follow it.

Linda-Mari Brubo

Roles: Co-Founder, Writer, Receptionist.

Nationality: Norwegian.

E-Mail: lindamaribrubo@snowvikings.com

Info: I am a 22 year old girl from Trondheim, Norway. I decided to join the studio with my boyfriend because I really like writing and I believe we could have a fun time together. I also said yes to being the receptionist because my sweet boyfriend is terrible at writing correctly.


Feel free to follow me on instagram; lindamarib


Roles: Snow Vikings Leader, Game developer, Community management.

Nationality: Danish

E-Mail: N/A

Info: I am in my early 20's, and i am a guy from Denmark. I recently joined the studio as one of it's top leaders. I will be assisting in community management and development.

Main Developers

Fredrick Walker, aka "F. Walker / Fredwalk"

Dev roles: Game desinger, Modeller, Music artist, coder/scripter, writer.


Wildcards ( Project Leader )

PMC: Wildcards ( Project Leader )

Little Lost Shadow ( Project Leader )