Snow Vikings Studio


Snow Vikings Studio is an indie studio that was founded by Fredrick Walker, and is based in Trondheim, Norway. The studio as of now has currently 3 members running it, see the list below, for names and roles. The Studio was founded back in January of 2016, to create a name for future releases. And to serve as a community for gamers and like minded people.


The studio as of for now is a hobby studio. Meaning that everyone that works here also either has a dayjob or goes to school. And only works on projects related to the studio in their spare time.


As of for our projects we have a few planned but we don't have any release date, due again to us being a hobby studio. At Least for the time being. See some of our ideas on the project page.

-----The Vikings-----

Fredrick Walker

Roles: Founder, Game designer, ArmA 3 Unit Leader.

Nationality: Norwegian.


Info: I am a 24 year old guy from Norway. Who likes to make alot of different things. I never expect my crerations to become popular or known i make them only because i like what i am doing.


I as many others love video games, i never play competetive. I play because of the fun of it and to kill time. I love shooters, Racing games, simulators and many more.


I am an chatty fella and can sit and talk for several hours about nothing. So if you ever feel like you need a chat, jump on our TeamSpeak and see if you can't get a hang on me. I am a busy guy as well so don't take it wrong if i don't have time.


I decided back in July 2016 that i got too many project going on in my head, and decided to set up a little studio, were i can share my creations with the ones interested in seeing them.


I came up with the name "Snow Vikings" with thinking of my favorite season and considering i am Norwegian and a few of the people giving me a helping hand is from Scandinavia. The vikings part came to life.


I started up an instagram user known as snow_vikings_fitness to share my porgress to become fit again, as staying behind a desc don't do to much for the health. Go follow it.

Linda-Mari Brubo

Roles: Co-Founder, Writer, Receptionist.

Nationality: Norwegian.


Info: I am a 22 year old girl from Trondheim, Norway. I decided to join the studio with my boyfriend because I really like writing and I believe we could have a fun time together. I also said yes to being the receptionist because my sweet boyfriend is terrible at writing correctly.


Feel free to follow me on instagram; lindamarib


Roles: Snow Vikings Leader, Game developer, Community management.

Nationality: Danish

E-Mail: N/A

Info: I am in my early 20's, and i am a guy from Denmark. I recently joined the studio as one of it's top leaders. I will be assisting in community management and development.

---Main Developers---

Fredrick Walker, aka "F. Walker / Fredwalk"

Dev roles: Game desinger, Modeller, Music artist, coder/scripter, writer.


Wildcards ( Project Leader )

PMC: Wildcards ( Project Leader )

Little Lost Shadow ( Project Leader )

Contact us at


or on our Discord

Also check us out on

Twitter: @snow_vikings

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