Full Version: Unit Lead and officer's introduction
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All leaders and officers will reply to this post. Seeing how i am the founder i might as well start off.

I am the main founder of the Snow Vikings (Studio and everything related) and the leader of the unit.(Might change in the future you never know haters.)
I'm from Norway and i am 23 year old. I got a smaller background in the army as Infantry. I enjoyed every moment of it and unsure if i am going back.

Competitive gaming is not "My cup of tea". Therefore i decided to make this unit that will almost only be focused on PvE. I wanted something with structure in it
and decided to jump in. I have been making plugins and missions for Arma for over 2 years close to 3 now. I enjoy it and can't see my self walking away from arma the coming years.
I like to look at myself as a friendly guy, i like to chat and play video games like any other person. But when it comes to mil-sim i take my role seriously.
And might not be the one you will be used to outside the operations.

In the unit it self i am ranked Lieutenant Colonel and is currently the highest ranked. This again might change as the unit grows.

In operations,  i play the role as the main unit commander. And Team leader of the SOG team "Nova".

This is me in a small brief. I think it will cover the basics. If not ill update this later.
How's it going everyone?
I am Harvey, H. Guillet, Razor, hey you, and various other nomenclature as long as it's not insulting.
I am technically the dedicated pilot for Fred's special branch, but that is as much as you get to know about it, because if I told you more, I'd have to land a helicopter on your head and kill you.
I have been with Arma since it was still Operation Flashpoint, many many years ago.
I met Fred while we were part of another unit that has since been falling apart sadly, and we've done a lot of silly things together since then.
I am from America (New Russia for anyone keeping score), and proudly served in the U.S. Army for 2 years before transferring to the U.S. Navy (the Construction Battalions specifically) for 5 more years.
I am 33 and will be 34 December of 2017.

My rank currently is well thats a good question. (Fred whats my rank again?)

That is about all I got for the time being, see you guys out there.