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11th of February

PMC: Warfare, Past, Present and future.


So to start of, the past has been a lot of up and downs with figuring out this game, it has been in planing for almost two years. This is more due to not having time to give it 100% focus.

So after almost two years of ideas and planing the future is looking more bright.


Now the main reason is that the dev team of the game, is basicly one person (Fredrick Walker)

And he has to take care of, writing, coding and modelling. Pluss more. It isn't the worst thing being alone, it only takes longer time. Now this game is founded by Walker's own pocket so it isn't to much to go on. And not being to much home, development has just not been able to be done.



What is going on now is mostly writing, the story, the characters, the world. So a few months is gonna be spent on that, after that full on development on the game will start. It will be between 1-4 people working on the game at any given time.



For when development actually starts, it's gonna be in development for a proper good while. It will be in pre-release for atleast two years. We wanna focus on getting a playable game instead of just throwing something out there. We will take all the feedback we are given in to consideration on making the game. The game will have a steady update on it's project page, closer to when development starts, for more info on updates go check that page. But for now we will go back to our writing and R&D.


Take care

Snow Vikings Studio Lead Team.

Info Post

1st of February

So with projects going up and down, and with the intention of expanding the community. Another leader at the top became necesary. So as of today ( 1st of February 2018 ) we have assigned a new member to the leader slot, he goes by the nickname "Frugl1" He will stand at the top with Fredrick Walker. He will stand close to equal, only difference is Walker owns the Snow Vikings name and therfore has the last call on any decition.


But Frugl1 stands pretty freely on making decitions himself.

So everybody let's all congratulate him


Take care

Snow Vikings Studio Lead Team.

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